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Jeanette Prather learned that she was slated for writing when taking the obligatory career assessment test in junior high school. There, she learned that Journalism was her destiny. At a tender age of 12 years old, she took that advice with a grain of salt and despite taking three years of journalism and advanced level English classes in high school, Jeanette bounced from fashion to broadcasting to public relations to dance before finally settling on print journalism as a collegiate major.

In 2007, Jeanette graduated from California State University, Long Beach with a bachelor's degree in journalism, French, international studies and a minor in dance. In addition to this, her writing chops included over 50 printed articles written for the Daily 49er Newspaper, DIG Magazine, as well as later becoming the City Editor of the Daily 49er and then the Managing Editor of DIG Magazine before graduation. She even went on to host her own radio show during the second semester of her senior year, known as An Hour With Jazzy Jaye (handle DJ Jazzerina).

After graduation, Jeanette went on to write for: Beautiful/Decay magazine, E.L.M., IEFEEXpress (France), L.A. Splash, and Valley Scene Magazine.

Jeanette moved to New York City in 2007 to develop her professional relationship with Dance Magazine through an internship, where she was also scouted to copy edit for a rival performance magazine called Movmnt magazine -- which she later became the production editor for -- a New York City-inspired lifestyle performance art and fashion quarterly magazine. 

But then!!!

... Jeanette left abroad for a few years working in the same industry she was merely writing and editing for prior, before returning stateside for more editing and writing with Chicago Tribune, Ehow, Move IT (UK), Suite 101, and Volare Pole and Aerial Arts. Also while abroad, Jeanette thought it a good idea to write and publish two books; Vital Energy and Flicker. So she did!

In 2016, Jeanette finished her third book and had been writing for Santa Cruz Style Magazine for almost a year. She is currently writing for Santa Cruz Style Magazine still, as well as working on her fourth book, which in her terms, is "the most exciting ride of them all!"

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What would happen if four souls spanned history to come together anew at every intersection?
  •  Pre-order Jeanette's 4th installment today and find out how these four souls make a life together time and time again. Or maybe, how they don't...
" You are the Universe, expressing itself as a human for a little while."
- Eckhart Tolle
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The world is like a twilight zone for the brain; we all thrive within our own planes and write our own stories. We need to constantly shed our own sparkling histories in order to welcome momentary and fleeting infinite possibilities with open arms, because it's in these moments where the beauty in love and life lie.
Vital energy
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$19.99 Paperback at Amazon
$29.99 Hardcover at Amazon
Here is the product of Jeanette Prather's perceptions on humanity during the dark and light periods of human life. We are all united while vast differences merely exist in our minds.
The Alpha phoenix
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$19.99 Paperback at Amazon
$29.99 Hardcover at Amazon
What if mankind had it all wrong from the beginning and we weren’t spared in glory or created from dust particles? Could it really be that a treacherous and brave woman save the planet amidst chaos and disorder? In this third book by Jeanette Prather, The Alpha Phoenix explores situations and potential theories based on real or probable events. This is science fiction taken to a whole new level; a fantastical journey into the past, present and future of the human experience through the eyes of some of the most influential minds in history. Dispelling myths and invigorating legends, The Alpha Phoenix promotes positive human progression while exploring the question of history repeating itself in the most ethereal way. Or, are we are just a blip in the Universe?
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